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What is Blueprint?

Blueprint provides educators with access to DHF's technology and maker education resources, including workshops, online courses, and downloadable activities. Our resources are based on  years of collective knowledge, iteration, and working directly with youth teaching technology and making in our Tech Center.

It is impossible for us to predict what the future will look like, yet, as educators, we have the responsibility to prepare our youth for it. We have to develop their skills for careers that do not exist yet and navigate rapidly changing technology.

At Digital Harbor Foundation (DHF), we focus on developing creative problem solving skills and confidence. Our youth learn how to learn instead of what to learn, which builds confidence in their own abilities to overcome challenges. This confidence allows them to become an active advocate for their own learning rather than passive participant. Through this process, they develop a love of learning, putting them on the pathway to becoming lifelong learners. When students know how to learn and love to learn they will be able to adapt to any career field of today or tomorrow.

“I thought this workshop was phenomenal! It gave me a lot of ideas of specific projects I can do, but it also gave me a better understanding of what a makerspace is and how I can incorporate making into what I do everyday. This was exactly what I needed to actually start a regular making program at my library. Thank you so much!”

Free Beginning Maker Project Idea


Download our Paper Flashlight Activity and template to start making in your classroom now!

“I have been teaching for twenty-one years and it was honestly the absolutely best workshop I have ever attended. Both Andy and Darius were so incredibly knowledgable and so thorough in their teaching. Many, many times I had a question and was about to raise my hand when it was answered on the next slide. It was like they had anticipated our questions beforehand.”

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Creativity is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. I’d tell stories about startups in garages and dorm rooms. And I realized, these kids live in row homes. They don’t have a garage. So many of them don’t make it to dorm rooms. They still have ideas and passion, but they need a space, like a rec center, to go to and develop that.”

Andrew Coy

Senior Advisor on Making at the White House


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