3D Printed Cookie Cutters

How to 3D Print a Cookie Cutter

Supplies Needed


Step 1: Visit Cookie Caster Website

Visit cookiecaster.com and click on the “Draw your custom cookie cutter” button.

Step 2: Follow website tutorial

Follow the tutorial to learn the basics of cookie caster. If you cannot access the tutorial, that’s okay! We have some guides below to teach you about cookie caster.

Step 3: Design a Cookie Cutter

When you have finished the tutorial, you are ready to start designing your own cookie cutters. Click the “Leave Tutorial” button.

Step 4: Learn about the Pen Tool

If you are not able to access the tutorial, that’s okay! We have put together some resources for you. To learn about how the Cookie Caster works, use the Pen Tool to make a heart, just as it’s shown in the image.

Step 5: Placing the first Node

Start by clicking the Pen tool and placing a point down in the work area. Cookie Caster draws in vectors that have nodes which help with manipulating the drawing.

Step 6: Making a Straight Line

The next node will be created by moving the mouse to the right and after making a straight line.

Step 7: Repeat lines

Repeat the steps until you have a square.

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