DHF’s 5th Anniversary Showcase: 3 Projects To Try in Your Own Space!

Digital Harbor Foundation Youth Projects

On January 18th, Digital Harbor Foundation celebrated our 5th Anniversary with a showcase of our youth’s work. Over the course of 14 weeks, youth learned how to use electronic circuitry, programming, and digital fabrication tools and created projects that demonstrated their knowledge of their favorite skills. In this article, we’ll feature three youth’s projects using a Makey Makey, Tinkercad, and Scratch programming.

Makey Makey Airplane

Jasmine's Makey Makey Airplane @ DHF Showcase Project Ideas

Jasmine created the frame of her model airplane using craft sticks and hot glue and then affixed the moving portion of the DC motor to a craft stick propellor. She then created a switch mechanism using cardboard, tin foil, and a sponge. The motor would run when the switch’s foil touched the cardboard. Jasmine learned that she could create her own switch when she realized that she did not have a toggle switch on hand. She did some research and found out that the 5V and GND (ground) ports on the back of the Makey Makey were able to power the DC motor.

Core Materials: Makey Makey, DC motor, Craft sticks, Hot glue, Cardboard, Tinfoil, Rubber bands, Foam.

Optional Materials: Paint

Buzz Wire Game

Jacob's Buzz Wire @ DHF Showcase Project Ideas

Jacob’s 3D printed Buzz Wire Game also includes a simple circuit component. By design, his 3D print holds a 9V battery inside. He integrated holes for installation of the 14 gauge copper wire pathing. An on/off switch connects the copper wire wand and the buzzer, which is connected to the battery. Then, the battery’s negative connects to the wire path.

Core Materials: 3D printer and filament, Toggle switch, Buzzer, 9V battery, 14 gauge copper wire

2 Minute Race

Chas's Scratch game @ DHF Showcase Project Ideas

Chas created his Scratch game race track using GIMP, a free and open-source graphics editor. He created several orange sprites, each signifying a lap. Every time a race car comes in contact with one of these sprites, it signals an increase in the score variable. Chas based his project on a race car game that he had played in Scratch, but all of his scripts and sprites are original. You can see his project scripts here: 2 Minute Race.

Conclusion: Try Some DHF Showcase Project Ideas In Your Space

We continue to be amazed by what our youth create, and we love seeing what youth from other organizations are working on. What creations have your youth made? We’d love to see any projects!

To learn more projects you can make in your space, check out our educator workshops.

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