Changing Filament in Your Printrbot

Knowing how to change the filament in your printer is an important process to understand. Here is a video explaining the steps in the process:

Instructions for changing filament:

  1. Heat your hot end to the appropriate temperature.
    • PLA: Approximately 200 degrees
    • ABS: Approximately 220 degrees
  2. Retract the filament until it is free from the extruder
  3. Pull it free from the extruder.
  4. Insert the new filament into the top of the extruder and press the Extrude button.
  5. Continue pressing the Extrude button until the new filament comes out of the hot end tip.
  6. If it matters to you, continue extruding until the new color is no longer mixed with old color, and then extrude another 30mm of filament or so just to make sure.