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make your makerspace
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Make your Makerspace Course Description

Make Your Makerspace is a new course that will help educators to build 10 of our favorite (and most useful) maker tools! This course isn’t about why you need a makerspace, but the what and how behind turning any space into a makerspace. In each lesson you will build a new tool to support making in your school, library, or any other youth focused makerspace.

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Course Content

Join us once a month when we will broadcast a new project via a live online class. You can follow along and collaborate with us and others from your own space. After the broadcast, you can re-watch the recording as a refresher. Over the course of the year, you will add equipment and tools to your space while enhancing your own maker skills.

Participants will receive:

  • Activities for each of the projects that you can do with your youth
  • Step-by-step directions for 10 affordable projects that are easy to build with youth
  • Materials list and source for each build (supplies are not included)
  • Access to written instructions and resources for a full year after registration
  • Pro tips from DHF staff and Q & A during live webinars
  • An intro to a different skill during each lesson, ranging from web development to wood working

The live build will take place on the last Thursday of the month when you can join us in person at DHF or via webinar. After each live build, we will post the webinar online for future viewing. Each project will also develop a different skill set ranging from web development, to simple woodworking and electronics. We have also worked through designs to maximize the simplicity and the affordability of each build. Enjoy access to all video, build lists, and instructions for one year from your purchase date. Enjoy the tools that you build until you make a new one.


You can’t buy a Makerspace; you have to make one.



Building Your Makerspace Sign

Complexity: Easy

In this lesson, we will look at a few different signs for inspiration and then provide some steps for creating unique maker adornments for your makerspace signage.

DIY Documentation Station

Complexity: Easy

making your space - pvc documentation station closeup

In this lesson, you’ll learn to build an inexpensive documentation station for your youth to capture their projects and progress.

Building Your Makerspace Website

Complexity: Standard

making your space - build your own website - dhf example

Learn to build an online identity for your makerspace! This lesson covers creating and structuring a site and how to present content that showcases your youth and space.

Building And Using A Wind Tube(Preview)

Complexity: Easy

making your space - windtube in action

Learn how to easily build a windtube with very few tools for your own makerspace. Then learn how to use one to engage learning and the design process.

Stomp Rocket Launcher

making your space - stomp rocket completed

The Stomp Rocket Launcher is a great apparatus that is made from very common objects. It is enjoyed by all ages of youth and adults.

Classroom Noise Monitor(Preview)

Complexity: Hard

making your space - arduino classroom noise monitor

This lesson covers how to build and program an Arduino powered noise monitor for your makerspace. The LED strip reacts to the sound in the room.

Posters and Organization

Complexity: Easy

making your space - posters and organization - nanolab posters

Posters and organization methods are two vital features of your makerspace. This lesson includes examples of our methods that have evolved over several iterations.

DIY Stop Motion Stage

Complexity: Easy

making your space - mini makers using stop motion station

Using common materials, build a stop motion stage with easy to change scenery for story telling.

DIY Green Screen

Complexity: Hard

making your space - greenscreen in use

A green screen is a popular addition to any youth makerspace. In this lesson, you’ll build a frame and green screen backdrop for use with any filmmaking project.

Tweet Activated LED Sign

Complexity: Hard

making your space - dhf letters - showcase

This lesson covers how to harness the power of a Raspberry Pi to create a Twitter controlled color-changing sign. You’ll develop the necessary coding and electronics skills to make an LED strip that reacts to tweets.


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