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Blueprint is the online home for Digital Harbor Foundation’s (DHF) Center of Excellence (CoE) where best practices and lessons learned about making with youth is shared. The goal is to provide educators worldwide with access to DHF’s youth focused maker content and resources, including workshops, online courses, downloadable documents, and more.

This page will help you get started!

Getting Started Online Course

Part makerspace and part career readiness training, a Tech Center means community opportunities. How do you get one off the ground? We’ve put together this course to share resources and help new educators get started making with youth.

This course is free for registered Blueprint users.

educator making in workshop
educators in workshop with facilitator

Professional Development Workshops

Join us for hands-on, intensive workshops for educators who want to learn the foundations of making, 3D printing, programming, and electronics. Our workshops are designed for all types of educators, formal or informal, including teachers, after-school instructors, science center staff, librarians, and any other educators interested in helping students to “learn by making.”

Makerspace Project Ideas

Here are some starter ideas for maker projects to do with your students. They require inexpensive/common materials, we even provide the links of where to buy them, and only basic skills. These projects have been tested with and enjoyed by students from 3rd grade all the way up 12th grade and even with educators in our workshops.

Build Your Makerspace Furniture

You can’t buy a makerspace, you have to make one! Follow these guides to build your own furniture for your school, library, or afterschool makerspace. Each build includes all the tools, materials, and even a cut list you need for to build the projects.

Get answers live!

Our Slack community is the next best thing to being in the same room as our DHF staff and hundreds of other Maker Educators around the country. Get your questions answered in real time or get feedback on your projects.

educators working together in workshop
Completed Sound Meter

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