How to Split STL Files for Printing

This tutorial will teach you how to split STL files in half so that you can print them without support and then glue them together. This is a quick and easy process, so let’s get to it!

Things needed:

Using Tinkercad to Split Files

  1. So go ahead and log into Tinkercad.
  2. Import the .stl file you want to split; in this case I’m using this Low-Poly Bulbasaur design.

    Low-Poly Bulbasaur (FLOWALISTIK) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


  3. Now that you have your file, click and drag a box onto the platform. Drag and stretch the box until it completely covers half of the file and place it in the middle of the file like this:

  4. Once you have that click onto the box you stretched out and make it a hole.

    • Your screen should look something like this:

  5. Drag the box to cover half of the file.

  6. Now if you’re using a Windows computer press Ctrl+A. For Mac, Command+A. Then Ctrl+G or Command+G to group your file. Or you can highlight it and press the Group icon.

  7. Then at the top of the screen, click Edit then Duplicate.

    • Your file should flash yellow. If it does, now click and drag your file and the duplicate will move. If it doesn’t repeat the process over.
  8. Now you want to ungroup the duplicate. By clicking the file and then click Ungroup at the top left. You should see the box reappear.

  9. You want to repeat to the same process of splitting the file, but on the other side. Then highlight the duplicate file and the box and press Group.

  10. Now you have two split files; rotate them so that they are both laying flat on the surface.
  11. You can now download it as an stl and then print it! Now I have Bulbasaur printed and you have your file printed.

  12. Now we’re going get our glue and accelerator. The accelerator is optional but its saves time waiting for the glue to dry. If you’re gluing prints in an awkward position, the accelerator would be a good tool to use.
      • Here’s what I’m using: Bob Smith Industries Insta-Cure and Insta-Set.

  13. So now glue each half together and spray the accelerator if you have it and you’re all done!


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