Install BuildTak

BuildTak is our replacement of choice for blue painters tape. BuildTak is a bit more expensive than painters tape, but it is more durable and longer lasting with all of the same benefits of painters tape. BuildTak is one of our recommended tools / accessories for 3D printing.


Steps for Installing BuildTak

  1. Use Acetone to clean your print bed of any left over adhesives from tape.  Make sure it is really clean!
  2. Then measure your print bed. The Printrbot Simple Metal is about 9.5″ between screws so I use a 6″x10″ piece of BuildTak and try to cut the BuildTak to about 9.25″.
  3. Now mark the BuildTak where you want to cut it on both edges.
  4. Use a cutting mat and an exacto knife to cut the BuildTak to size (use a ruler to keep your edge straight).
  5. Test fit the BuildTak on the printer before peeling the back off.
  6. If you need to, trim the BuildTak with a pair of scissors.
  7. Peel the back off the BuildTak and apply it starting at one edge.
  8. Use a plastic scraper to smooth out any air bubbles.

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