Introduction to 123D Design

123D Design is an intermediate design tool for creating 3D designs and a great tool to move to after learning to design in Tinkercad.


123D Design is made by Autodesk, who makes a whole suite of 3D design apps and software tools including a host of industry-level products. 123D design is part of their 123D Apps suite, which aims to make 3D design accessible to designers at all skill-levels. Autodesk also took over Tinkercad in 2013 when the original creators closed shop, and you will notice that this interface is similar to Tinkercad.  A version of 123D Design is also available for iPad.

The interface for 123D Design is a bit more mature than that of Tinkercad and the technique for designing in 123D is more advanced than Tinkercad, also. Where Tinkercad is a shape-based, drag-and-drop approach, 123D Design’s approach is closer to real CAD design, which makes it great for older middle school and high school youth, or youth who have moved on beyond Tinkercad’s capabilities.


Get Started with 123D Design

  1. Download 123D Design for your computer:
  2. Visit this page for instructions on how to started: Learn How to Use 123D Design


123D Design Tutorials

Follow along with each of these tutorials to understand and demonstrate the basics of using 123D Design:

 * All of the videos can be accessed here in one place: Learn How to Use 123D Design


More 123D Design Resources


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