Lasercut Lanterns

How to Make a Lasercut Lantern

Equipment Needed

  • Inkscape
  • Colored cardstock
  • Flameless LED Tea light
  • Access to Lasercutter


Step 1: Save template

  • After opening Inkscape, download and open the Inkscape template found here: Lasercut Lantern Template
  • Right click on the template in the new tab and click on “Save As.” Rename the file and save it to your desktop.


Step 2: Design your lantern

Use shape tools, draw bezier tool, and text tool to create your design. Note: stay within the guide. If you do not stay within the guides, the lantern will not be able to fold and glue down correctly.

Step 2: Save and export

Once your design is complete, you are now ready to save and export for lasercutting. First, click the save button. Once you have clicked save, follow the instructions below depending on your design.

Text designs & filled-in shapes

If your design incorporates text, you will need to turn the text into a vector or path. To do so, select your text and move your cursor to Path – Object to path. If you have filled-in shapes in your design, you must also select them and click on Path – Object to path.

Stroke outline shapes

If you have lines or shapes that only have a stroke outline, convert them to a path by selecting them and moving your mouse cursor to Path — Stroke to Path.

Step 4: Save file

Now that all your shapes, text, and lines are converted to paths, you can save your design as a file that the lasercutter can interpret and cut. To do so, move your mouse cursor to File – save a copy. Rename your file with your first name and last name in the filename.

Once you have renamed your file, save it as a .dxf file. Click on Inkscape SVG and search for Desktop Cutting Plotter or .dxf. Choose a location at which to save your file (Note: It is easiest to save to your desktop).

When you click save, a popup window will appear as shown. Change the base unit measurements to mm and click OK. Once your file is saved to the computer, you are ready for laser cutting.

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