MaKey MaKey: Build a Play-Doh D-Pad

Your First D-Pad

The first interactive project you’re going to do is to create a D-Pad powered by the MaKey MaKey and Play-Doh! Play-Doh is a great tool for interactive projects because you can create anything you can imagine, however make sure to put any unused Play-Doh back in the containers and close the lid to preserve the conductivity!

When you’re done, think back to the conductivity lesson and try to brainstorm some other objects that could be used for this project.

Activity: Play-Doh D-Pad

Notice how the front of the MaKey MaKey resembles a Nintendo controller. This is one of the key reasons that the MaKey MaKey lends itself so well to Scratch- as long as you’ve created directional inputs in your game, the MaKey MaKey can be seamlessly integrated.


  1. Unpack the MaKey MaKey! Pay attention to the kit contents so they don’t get lost.
  2. Plug in the red USB cable into your computer. Close any messages about the keyboard: the MaKey MaKey is occasionally recognized as a new keyboard.
  3. Connect an alligator clip to the ground (bottom row) of the MaKey MaKey.
  4. Attach the ground to a ball of Play-Doh. You’ll need to touch this ground when using the controller.
  5. Make your Play-Doh d-pad! Make sure to include as many Play-Doh pads as you have inputs: You’ll need at least 4.
  6. Using the alligator clips, attach each pad to the corresponding input on the MaKey MaKey.
  7. Play your Scratch game using your new controller to trigger the input!

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