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    Business listings of Non Woven Fusible Interlining manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in China.
    Product description:
    woven fusible interlining fabric is produced by interlocking layers of fibers or filament mechanically, thermally or chemically. It mimics the features of woven fabric. We offer several varieties of Non-Woven Fusible Interlining fabrics. These are manufactured from raw material of superior quality. There is a wide choice of colours. With high bonding strength and controlled shrinkage, these non fusible interlining are highly durable fabrics with a long serving life. In this type, one gets the benefits of both non woven and knitted interlinings. Our non woven fusible interlining are preferred for use in clothes like fashion garments, jackets and overcoats. They are ideal for collars and trousers interlining. The fabric is also widely used for garment interlining, clothing shirt interlining, chef hat material, and in handicraft products and embroidery.
    Question and answer:
    Q:What crafts are you using?
    A:we provide hot rolled non-woven fabrics.
    Q:Can the size and weight be customizable?
    A:Yes,You can ask us for weight and size and other specifications as needed.best Polyester Interlining