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    UC-6200 as the most popular ultrasonic cleaner in jewelry stores and optical stores. The shell is made of environmentally-friendly high-strength ABS,with the excellent product performance and exquisite appearance by consumers in favor of the well.
    Main features
    1.Stringent production and aging process.
    2.Touch control for five-segment cleaning duration regulation.
    3.Windows using touch with a button, Improve the quality of life
    NameUltrasonic cleanerVoltage鈼?AC110-120V 60Hz
    鈼?AC220-240V 50Hz
    Packing size316*313*213mmUltrasonic frequency40KHz
    Internal groove size168*136*62mmTime setting60/120/180/240/300S
    Tank capacity1400MLNet weight1.8KG
    Product Illustration
    鈶燙over, 鈶?Stainless Tank, 鈶?Body,
    鈶?On/Off, 鈶ime button,
    Cleaning basket
    Disk holder
    Watch holder
    Operation Steps
    1.Load cleaning fluid into cleaning tank and connect power supply. Ultrasonic wave operating time is displayed as 5 minutes by default.
    2.Adjustment of ultrasound wave operating duration: Press Time Up button once to increase one minute. Press Time Down button once to decrease one minute.
    3.Press ON/OFF button to start operation, and press it again to stop operation.
    Scope of Application
    Products Certificates
    Payment and Delivery
    1.Q:How to get more discount?
    A:When your purchase? quantity more than our MOQ 20% ,then you will get 2%-5% discount more.Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner