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    鈻?Our History
    Guangzhou Lianguan Health Biotechnology Limited Company is established in 2002.
    Lianguan the Chinese word which means to keep consistent in our business and service for our customers.
    The founders Jeff & Coco believe that food should not only solve the hunger. We need to pay more attention on nutrition and quality of food. Non-polluting raw materials, natural and non- additive production processes is our pursuit.
    The details products we supply are as follows:
    1) Mushrooms: mushroom logs, fresh/dried mushrooms, mushroom extracts;
    2) Health care products: chlorella, collagen, mushroom extracts;
    3) Herbs: Dried herbs, wasabi japonica;
    4) Tea: Black tea, Oolong, Pu’er tea;
    5) Others: FD-fruits
    Our Vision: Better health, better life, better harmony.
    Our Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Service, Win-win.
    Our Mission: We are committed to making nutritional products available to more families in the world, so that people can live a healthier life.
    Jeff & Coco want to say锛?/p>
    The values of Guangzhou Lianguan Health Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was influenced by my father and my personal experience.
    They make me know the value of health.
    My father is a doctor. Saving lives is the most important thing for him.
    He often go to the hospital to help his patients even in mid-night. It ‘s a hard work, but bringing health to peoples is the happiest thing he think.
    In 2014, I experienced the biggest accident in my life: brainstem bleeding, and I almost became vegetative overnight.
    At that time, Coco called an ambulance and picked me to Hospital. The doctor said the situation is very terrible鈥︹€he emergency treatment in the ICU was last for half a month, then I waked up miraculously.
    But I have to relearn how to drink water, how to eat, how to turn over, how to speak a word鈥︹€od bless me! I made it! It takes me 5 years to be I used to be.
    My father’s doctor career and my illness experience make me realize the value of health. I hope to run a company with faith, to provide my customers with high quality products. Our products are strictly controlled. We are responsible for our customers.
    鈻?Our Certificate
    ISO, Organic, Halal, Kosher, BRC
    鈻?Production Market
    Our products have been exported to many countries:
    Europe: Portugal, Russia, Israel, Germany, UK, Sweden, Netherlands
    Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt
    America: USA, Canada, Brazil
    Asia: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia
    Oceania: Australia, New Zealandcheap Raw Herb Materials Dang Shen Codonopsis