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    Silane Coupling Agent KH-78
    Main Chemical Composition
    ( 3-Glycidoxypropyl)methyldiethoxysilane
    CAS NO: 2897-60-1
    Typical Physical Properties
    AppearanceColorless and transparent liquid
    molecular formulaC11H24O4Si
    Flash Point>230 °F
    Density(25℃):0.9780 ± 0.0050
    Boiling Point122-126 °C5 mm Hg(lit.)
    Refractive index(n 25℃)1.4310 ± 0.0050
    Molecular weight248.39
    1. This product is used as surface treatment agent for inorganic filler, silica powder, glass beads, aluminum hydroxide, clay, talc, wollastonite, silica, quartz powder, metal powder and so on.
    2. This product can improve the bonding strength of epoxy resin and epoxy resin substrate, electronic materials, sealing materials, electrical properties of printed circuit board, especially thewet electricalproperties
    3. This product is used in acrylic and polyurethane and other water-based coatings, can be used as a bonding agent and crosslinking agent to improve the bonding strength of the coating, waterproof, wear resistance, scrub resistance, etc.
    4. KH-78 silane can enhance the wet and dry adhesion. Compared with no silane reference material, adding 1 weight (or about 0.4% the amount of KH-78) can significantly improve the peel strength, and nonyellowing.
    5. KH-78 is dedicated to enhancing silane bonding performance and development, at the same time, the storage stability of the adhesive or sealant has no negative effect.
    Sealed in container,keep the warehouse cool,dry and draughty.avoid dampness and water,away form fire and heat source. Packing in 200KG iron barrels or IBC barrels.

    Epoxy Silane