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    Our History
    Hengshui Tian yi package Co., Ltd of Hengshui , Hebei Province, China is a professional packaging manufactures with a long history of integrating design, printing and production as a whole. We are specializing in the production of all kinds of round and square cake boxes, west point boxes, pastry boxes, moon cake boxes and high-end gift boxes.
    Tian yi package (the former Red Sun plastic and paper packing factory) has been engaged in the pastry packing industry for many years. Through continuous development and improvement, we has now developed into a company that can provide all kinds of high-grade, medium and high-grade and complete range of high quality products. We can also meet the needs of different customer groups and the customer that we can serve has been spread all over the world.
    The spirit of “quality for survival, new products for development, integrity for customers” is our business philosophy. Our company adhere to the aim of “exquisite and unique design, high quality and fashionable products, reasonable and favorable price ” and serve to a great majority of customers and friends.
    Our company has strong technical forces and our company is operated with advanced equipment, well-made products, fast delivery, good service. We work with a group of young and passionate design team and professional production technicians, to bring you reasonably priced products with top quality. In order to achieve your satisfaction,Tian yi package will provide better and more comprehensive services, sincerely look forward to you arrival.
    Hengshui Tianyi Packing Products Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise integrating packaging design, production, sales and after-sales service.It is committed to providing whole-stop service customers. As a leading industry on custom packaging production,we also provide free packaging design on our full service.We have our own packaging design studios that have the ability to directly help our customers design satisfactory packaging to help them improve your sales.In order to produce customized products as soon as possible and to improve the efficiency of our service ,our personal sample proofing room can determine the sample of documents within one working hour,guide the production of private custom products.We are sincerely look forward to your arrival.
    Our Factory
    Who are we?
    Hengshui Tianyi Packing Products Co., Ltd. is a set of packaging design, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the private enterprises, is committed to providing customers with one-stop service. Tianyi packaging walk in the forefront of custom packaging production, because we not only provide custom packaging production services, but also provide free packaging design services, we have our own packaging design studio, has been to help customers design a satisfactory package to help customers improve sales amount. We also have a special sample proofing room, you can determine the file within a working hours to sample out samples to improve the efficiency of your service; and efficient proofing can more efficient customer service, is conducive to the shortest possible time for you To produce a customized product.
    Do we have a factory?
    As a professional custom packaging supplier, we have our own factory and production system as a strong support.Automatic paper printing machines, gluing printing presses, automatic bonders and so on.Advanced packaging machines and sophisticated production systems make each order well organized, ensuring on-time delivery of each batch. A large number of technical staff training, close cooperation between departments, as well as recognition of corporate culture, as a powerful guarantee of strong production systems for Tianyi packaging Co., Ltd .And because of the advanced production equipment, each package will not have printed deviations, there color and other issues, to ensure that customized product packaging is the best quality.Because it is a direct wholesale from packaging manufacturer,packaging wholesale price is the cheap, the more the number of orders the greater the discount
    What kind of packaging can we provide?
    We offer a wide range of custom packaging series covering various industries such as electronics, cosmetics, food, gifts, jewelry and more.Packaging style Involved to cardboard boxes, kraft boxes, corrugated boxes, tube packaging ,pvc boxes packaging and so on.And we have a professional packaging design department, to give you a professional packaging design advice, improve your product packaging, and more to promote your business promotion.This is difficult for other packaging manufacturers to provide.
    Why choose us?
    Choosing lush packaging as your partner means that you have chosen the most complete enterprise in the packaging industry and have chosen a design team with advanced design concepts and design style to design a customized package for you, Advanced equipment production team to ensure that your products are the best quality, selected with a first-class service awareness of the business team 24 hours for your service.
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