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    Our History
    Henan Wordegn International Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It is a wholly-owned professional import and export trade company, which conducts domestic and foreign trade and cooperative production, entrepot trade and business. Mainly engaged in the import and export business of magnesium products, chemical raw materials, fameless ration heater bags and other products.
    Our Factory
    Xinxiang Jinghua Magnesium Co., Ltd. is a limited company dedicated to the research and development of new energy materials. Since 1997, the company has been specialized in the research, development and production of spherical fine magnesium powder. The company has developed the CNC fine-sphere magnesium powder production technology and complete sets of production units. According to experts’ evaluation, it is safe and reliable in production and high in efficiency. The consumption is low, the ball-type fine passivated magnesium powder has uniform particle size, good fluidity, firm passivation layer, and the product ranks at the domestic leading level.” The project has won the second prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Henan Provincial People’s Government and Xinxiang City. The second prize of scientific and technological progress awarded by the county people’s government.
    Our Product
    Magnesium metal powder ,magnesium chips,magnesium granules,magnesium desulphurization reagent (spherical passivation magnesium powder granules), flameless ration heater,sodium nitrite and so on, and our products can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
    Product Application
    Magnesium: Military industry, aviation industry, metallurgy industry, steelmaking industry, non-ferrous metal casting industry, using magnesium as desulfurizer, purifying agent, reducing agent in the production of rare metals, production pyrotechnics, grignard reagent and application of spraying, coating and anticorrosion industry, petroleum exploitation industry and so on.

    Flameless ration heater: For mre food or self-heating food manufacturers and users, for outdoor travel, adventure, home emergency standby, military and so on.
    Sodium nitrite: Printing and dyeing; Dechlorination of bleached textiles; Sulfonating and reducing agents for the chemical industry ; Bleach for pulp, bamboo and wood bleach; Wastewater treatment agent; Rubber curing agent, leather depilatory agent, abrasion – resistant agent and so on.
    Our Certificate
    Obtain environmental, quality, and occupational health management system certification.
    Production Equipment
    Production Market
    Our products are sold to many countries and regions, such as India, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, South Korea and have established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known foreign companies such as POSCO and OPTA.
    Our Service
    Service Principle
    1. Our products are carried out under controlled conditions to ensure that the production process is strictly in accordance with the procedures, and that the unqualified products in the preface of the work will not flow into the next working preface to achieve a high quality ratio of 100%;
    2. Provide various technical support and services requested by customers, timely handle customer’s opinions or complaints, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction with good sales service;
    3. Our business principle is to fulfill the contract and fulfill our commitments with good business reputation. Any problems found during the performance of the contract shall be reported to both parties and resolved through negotiation.
    Sales Service
    1. We undertake all after-sales services. If you have technical questions, please contact them immediately by email or phone during the day.
    2. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message and your return number, we will contact you as soon as possible. Our professional service staff will help you solve problems one by one.
    3. All of our products have a 6 month warranty and we will continue to provide recommendations after that.Self Heating Bag For Hiking