Tool Cart

Build a simple mobile tool station to keep tools organized and accessible wherever you are in your makerspace. Requirements Assembling a rolling tool cart requires just one or two people, simple tools, and materials that can be cut in advance at your local hardware store. Difficulty Level:  Easy Number of Makers Needed:  All steps can be done […]

Soldering Stations

Make soldering tools and equipment safely accessible to every corner of your makerspace with a sturdy mobile soldering station! Requirements Building a soldering station begins with constructing a Tool Cart (with longer foot beams) and then using a drill and other basic tools to add storage and work accessories specific to your soldering needs. Difficulty Level:  Intermediate, mostly because […]

Paper Flashlights

Making a Paper Flashlight is simple and fun for all ages and skill levels.  You’ll need basic supplies like LEDs, batteries, foam tape, and a paper template that you can cut out in advance or have participants cut out themselves.

Galaxy Bots

Galaxy Bots use simple circuitry and motors to create out-of-this-world art! You can use a Galaxy Bot to create Spin Art and Light Paintings. Setup and Supplies Building a Galaxy Bot is a fun and easy project that is suitable for all ages and skill levels.  You’ll need scissors, tape, a battery-operated motor, and a few other simple materials. After […]

Thirsty Plant

A circuit with a special switch turns on an LED to let you know when it’s time to water your plant. Green thumbs for everyone! Setup and Supplies Putting together a Thirsty Plant Kit is easy if you have a pre-cut template to help keep wires in place. You can use a laser cutter to make […]



Vibrobots are super cute and very simple to make. Build Time: Approximately 15 minutes Skills Needed: Basic scissor skills Tools: PVC Cutter Supplies: Toothbrush – the wider, the better Foam Tape vibration motor (pager motor) Coin Cell Battery Step-by-step guide Cut the head off of your toothbrush with your PVC cutter. Attach a small piece […]

CD Hovercraft

Using some common materials (a CD, a sport’s bottle cap, and a balloon) build a mini hovercraft that flies across the table with ease.

LED Wand

LED Wand

These are a good alternative to the paper flashlight and you can also call them magic wands. Build Time: 15 – 25 minutes Skills Needed: No special skills needed Tools: Wire snips Scissors Supplies: LED (I like 10mm LEDs but smaller will work and be cheaper) Coin Cell Battery Copper Tape Small Binder Clip 3″ […]

Pom Pom Cannon

Pom Pom Cannon

This project is simple, fun, and allows for end results that can vary wildly.  Feel free to add a “cup” onto the cannon to create a launch and catch game rather than a cannon. These are also great “prizes” for cardboard arcades. Watch for flying pom poms! Build Time: 10-15 minutes Skills Needed: Basic tape […]

Scratch Art

Scratch Art

This is a fun and creative project and something great to do with old CDs you have. Prep Time: 3 hours Build Time: 10-15 minutes Skills Needed: None Great for all ages Tools: Foam brush Supplies: Dish soap Black acrylic paint Small cup for mixing paint and soap Rubber/plastic glove (optional) Paper plate or craft […]


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