Shadow Puppet Stop Motion

How to Create a Shadow Puppet Stop Motion

Tools and Supplies Needed


Step 1: Plan your story

Begin thinking about a story you would like to tell through your animation. Then, use the Storyboard Planning Template to draw an outline of the story.

Step 2: Create characters

Print character templates (1, 2, 3), cut out, and stencil onto black cardstock using the white pencil or crayon.
Alternatively, you may create your own characters by drawing them on black cardstock with the white pencil or crayon.

Step 3: Cut out your puppet

Cut out the puppet along the white lines you traced

Step 4: Create the puppet

Tape a skewer to the back of each puppet to make them ready for the stage.

Step 5: Set up Stage and Begin Filming

When all of your puppets have been created, practicing acting out your story with the puppets. When you are ready, create a stage by pinning up a white sheet and shining a flashlight behind it. Select a family member to film. The person doing the filming is also going to be the film director and will tell the actors when to make the next movement for the stop motion. Use an iPad set up with the app iStopMotion by Boinx to film. You may use this tutorial to learn how to use iStopMotion

If you’d like ideas on how to set up a shadow puppet stage, this blog post from My Kids’ Adventures is a great guide: How to Set Up a Shadow Puppet Stage

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