Testing, Testing: Students Build Noise Monitor

A Group of Students at Perryville Middle School’s Makerspace Built Their Own Noise Monitor

Last week, Scott Dellosso, an English teacher who leads Perryville Middle School’s Makerspace, gave the DHF Noise Monitor kit to a group of students exploring Arduino earlier this month. Since this project was their first introduction to Arduino, a few students were hesitant, but were excited to dive in for this hands-on project. At the Digital Harbor Foundation, we love to try programming projects that incorporate materials that go beyond the individual Arduino kit components to motivate youth!

By building the Noise Monitor, the students learned about input and output devices as well as how to edit code in the Arduino IDE to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone.

Plus, they had a blast having permission to yell in the classroom.

Want to build your own Noise Monitor? Find step-by-step directions and build video here!