Tinkercad Tutorial Videos – Part One

Tinkercad Tutorials

Tinkercad has lots of excellent, free tutorials on their Learn tab, but we created some supplemental tutorial videos. These short videos address certain specific concepts and either reinforce key design skills or demonstrate how to use specific tools.

Note that these videos utilize the Tinkercad Beta version. Some of the tools and concepts either won’t be available or will look different if you’re using Tinkercad Classic.

This is part one of two. Click here to move to part two of the series.


The first grouping of videos demonstrates some navigation techniques and tools as well as some file management. Some of these tips will also be applicable for Tinkercad Classic, but these were all recorded using the beta version since that seems to be the direction that Tinkercad is moving.

  • Camera Controls: This video covers camera controls.
  • Fitting to View: This video shows how to fit objects to view – a useful tip for when you need more precision and are having difficulty zooming in to the spot you want.
  • Importing Files: These two videos walk through how to import files into Tinkercad. The process is slightly different in Tinkercad Beta than in the classic. The first video is how to import an .stl and the second is how to import an .svg.
  • Checking Designs for Printing: This video walks through some common gotchas that should be addressed when preparing a Tinkercad design for 3D printing.
  • Sharing a File: This video walks through the steps required to make a design publicly accessible. This is useful if you’re creating templates that you’ll want students to be able to access and remix.

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