Are you interested in launching a youth maker program or youth makerspace at your organization?

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help you get started.

A Great Way to Get Started

A great way to get started is by taking our Making for Educators workshop. This 2-day workshop starts you on the pathway to creating your own maker program with your youth. The included Makerspace Starter Kit contains $300 of supplies and equipment to jumpstart your makerspace.

Find an upcoming workshop here


Introduction to Making

Familiarize yourself with these core concepts of the maker movement to better make the case for making to your stakeholders.


Integrating Making

So you want to start a makerspace or maker program in your existing youth program? Great! We can help you get started in a realistic and inexpensive way.


Growing a Makerspace

Once you get started with a maker program, or small makerspace, these resources will help you add to your makerspace and increase your materials and equipment as you are ready.


How to Teach Making

Learn some of our tried-and-true approaches and methods to teaching maker skills and mindsets to youth.


Beginner Maker Projects

Armed with some of the core concepts of making and makerspaces under your belt, you are ready to get making! These projects are all great for beginners and scale well for larger groups.



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