Educator Workshops

At the Digital Harbor Foundation we offer a variety of hands-on, intensive workshops for educators who want to learn the foundations of making, 3D printing, programming, and electronics. Our workshops are designed for all types of educators, formal or informal, including teachers, after-school instructors, science center staff, librarians, and any other educators interested in helping students to “learn by making.”

Each workshop is designed to teach the basics so that educators can return to your own learning spaces and confidently run projects and workshops. Participants receive a kit of physical supplies that they learn how to use during the course, and then take home to use in their own makerspace or classroom. In addition, participants have post-workshop access to an extensive collection of online materials that support and extend what they have learned.

making for educators workshop attendees

Making for Educators

In this two-day workshop, you’ll get hands-on experience with basic makerspace tools and projects. After the workshop you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to start your own makerspace or integrate making into your existing curriculum.

In addition, you’ll receive a kit of key makerspace supplies that you can use to jumpstart your program as soon as you return home.

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educator working with a 3d printer

3D Printing for Educators

Want to get started with 3D printing but aren’t sure where to begin? Take this multi-day intensive workshop and learn everything you need to know to comfortably control a 3D printer and incorporate 3D printing into your own curriculum.

In this workshop you will receive and get hands-on experience with your own 3D printer! You’ll also get post-workshop support through our 3D Assistance program.

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youth working with a makey makey

Makey Makey for Educators

Have you heard of the Makey Makey and want to start using them with your youth?
Makey Makey is a microcontroller that can turn anything with conductive properties into a keyboard. To start, the Makey Makey is plugged into a computer via USB port and the computer sees it as a keyboard. You then connect conductive objects, like foil or fruit, to the Makey Makey by using alligator clips.

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youth working with arduino

Arduino for Educators

Arduino is a great union of hands-on projects and computer programming. In this workshop, educators will learn how to connect devices to the Internet through sensors that collect and interact with data.

During the workshop, you’ll get training and materials for step-by-step projects about monitoring, interacting with, and collecting data about the real world.

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youth building printer advanced 3d printing educators

Advanced 3D Printing for Educators

Take your 3D printing to the next level with both the hardware and software component of 3D Printing. This workshop will be designed around assembling a printer. Participants will explore slicing software and take a deeper dive into G-Code than in our 3D Printing for Educators Workshop. Some previous 3D Printing experience is recommended.

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