Workshop: Arduino for Educators

Do you want to teach computer programming but want an experience that involves more than just what is on a screen?

With an Arduino device, you can teach the concepts of computer programming while building interactive and engaging projects that involve lights, buttons, motors, sounds, and sensors.

In this workshop, educators will learn how to teach key programming concepts such as variables, control flow, and computational logic using Arduino devices and other hardware components.

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After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Program an Arduino
  • Identify basic electronic components
  • Evaluate different software and hardware solutions
  • Connect electronic inputs and outputs to an Arduino
  • Teach basic Arduino programming and hardware concepts to youth of many ages
  • Select software and hardware that’s the best fit for your project
  • Use your new skills and resources to share this leading technology with your community
  • Address common issues and methods for troubleshooting
  • Integrate programming and microcontrollers into your curriculum in a variety of applications

During the workshop, you will receive:

  • An Arduino Starter Kit
  • Technical training on Arduino hardware and software
  • Project ideas
  • Hardware and software guides and resources
  • Educational resources

Kit Contents – Programming Arduino Starter Kit (a $300 value)

  • Experimenter kits
  • Arduino Microcontrollers
  • A 6-month Blueprint subscription

Target Audiences:

  • After-school instructors
  • Science center staff
  • Librarians
  • Classroom teachers
  • Community organizers
  • Educators familiar with making or who have attended our Making for Educators workshop.

Upcoming Events
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