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“Spaces and Places” encompasses tours and descriptions of makerspaces, schools, libraries, and museums through video, images, and multimedia content. These examples may inspire anyone looking to jumpstart or organize his/her own makerspace. In addition, “Spaces and Places” links to articles and guides with concrete tips for those who are planning or improving a youth makerspace.

Maker Ed has also created several of its own resources around youth makerspaces, including but not limited to Youth Makerspace Playbook and Makerspaces: Highlights of Select Literature, all accessible at and included among the resources below.

The resources below are listed in alphabetical order, as a default. They are also organized into subcategories, accessible by the tabs at the top of the grid. When hovering over each box, keywords provide a simple description and glimpse into the content of the resource, which is accessible by clicking on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner.

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  • 360-degree Makerspaces
    planning, tours
  • 7 Things You Should Know About Makerspaces
    maker movement, makerspace, learning theory
  • A Tour of Marymount FabLab With Jaymes Dec
    schools, fab lab, classroom
  • About the Watsonville Community Science Workshop (CSW)
    informal ed, community, STEM
  • Are They Really Learning?: A Case Study of a...
    schools, libraries, case studies
  • Building Miniature Makerspaces
    schools, classrooms, getting started
  • Castilleja School's Bourn Idea Lab
    schools, getting started, implementation, middle school, high school
  • Designing a Mobile Makerspace
    mobile, summer camp, how-to
  • DHF Blueprint: Learn to Build Your Own Youth-Focused Makerspace
    informal ed, project guides, youth focused
  • Edutopia: 6 Strategies for Funding a Makerspace
    makerspaces, strategies, grants
  • Great Lakes Science Center unveils creative design center
    museums, STEM, design
  • Hillbrook School: The Awesome World of Making
    schools, learning approaches, K-8
  • Introducing Our Makerspace, With Little Emphasis on Space
    schools, makerspace, classroom
  • Is it a Hackerspace, Makerspace, TechShop, or FabLab?
    maker movement, terms
  • Jaymes Dec's Amazon Collection: Makerspace Books
    makerspace, shop class, electronics
  • LCCS In-School Makerspace Planning
    schools, how-to, implementation
  • Make a Makerspace
    educators, getting started, museums
  • Maker Ed's Youth Makerspace Playbook
    guide, makerspaces, planning, community
  • Makerspace Playbook, School Edition
    makerspaces, guides, tools
  • Makerspaces on Kickstarter
    crowdfunding, community, makerspace
  • Making & Makerspaces on
    crowdfunding, teacher, schools
  • Making & Makerspaces on Indiegogo
    crowdfunding, community, maker education
  • Making in the Library
    libraries, how-to, getting started
  • Making in the Library Toolkit
    teens, project guides, documentation
  • MENTOR Makerspace Project: High School Makerspace Tools & Materials
    makerspaces, learning environment, tools
  • Middle School Maker Journey: 19 Days (and Counting) to...
    middle school, makerspace, design
  • Mobile Makerspace
    mobile, schools, how-to
  • Parts and Crafts Makerspace
    informal ed, youth designed
  • Poughkeepsie Day School Makerspace Video Tour
    schools, classroom, tour
  • Ravenswood Makerspace Collaborative: Starting Out
    schools, getting started, planning, implementation
  • Saint Paul Public Library's Maker Camp 2015
    libraries, summer camps, drop-in
  • School Makerspaces: Building the Buzz
    schools, teachers, creative inspiration
  • Seven Tips for Starting a Makerspace
    schools, classrooms, getting started
  • Sonoma State University, The Startup Classroom: Advice for Educators...
    how-to, getting started, educators
  • The Maker Map
    maps, directory, open source
  • The Participatory Museum
    museums, case studies, implementation
  • Tour of Bourn Idea Lab at Castilleja School
    schools, tour, middle school, high school

Disclaimer: Maker Ed’s online Resource Library contains links to third-party organizations, companies, and commercial products. By including these resources, Maker Ed intends to highlight their potential value to the maker education community, rather than to provide an endorsement. The library is independently managed by Maker Ed staff, who adhere to a set of guidelines to ensure that all third-party resources are primarily informational, rather than promotional, in nature. This resource curation process is free from the influence or control of any party outside of Maker Ed.