Scott Dellosso


English teacher | Google Certified Educator | techie | outdoorsman | maker | adventure-seeker.

North East, MD
Joined March 2011


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    30 Nov 2016

    prompt: Build a maze with straws and blow a marble through it!

  2. Nov 30
  3. Nov 29

    Thanks to for the awesome Sound O’ Meter build kit for our ! The kids had a blast! Order yours here:

  4. Nov 26

    Check out my 3D Printing Symbolism Lesson Plan! Use 3d printing to explore symbols in any novel you are studying. via

  5. Jun 20

    Educator gives his thoughts about Consumption, Creation, and the Movement

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    Apr 5


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    May 17
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    May 5

    top Influencers this week! Have a great weekend :) (via )

  9. Apr 4

    prompt: use a plastic bag to create a parachute for your baby!

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    Mar 31

    top Influencers this week! Have a great weekend :) ➡️ Want this 🆓❓

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    Mar 31

    13 reasons why is sooo good, cant wait for you to watch it!!

  12. Mar 29

    Awesome activity: your own fidget spinner and insert skateboard bearings!

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    Mar 27
  14. Mar 22

    Yesterday our invited a guest to teach STAINED GLASS MAKING. It was awesome!

  15. Mar 22

    One of our activities this rotation is MAGNETIC GOO! So much fun

  16. Mar 21

    Another awesome prompt: build a tower with index cards and tape over 2ft that will hold weight!

  17. Feb 28

    prompt: Using the materials, create a life jacket to keep your little baby afloat!

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    Feb 15

    reading this awesome book for english and come to find out its going to be a netflix series!! cant wait!!!

  19. Jan 31

    prompt: make a wind car with the materials. Be prepared to race!

  20. Jan 26

    My student created a YouTube video. Give him some likes and subscribe! "My teacher found out my YouTube channel!"

  21. Jan 24

    prompt: Make a Boat that will hold the most pennies!

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