Your First Project

Create a Project

Now that you’re familiar with navigating the Scratch interface, it’s time to create your first project! You’ll be able to create several projects without any real limit, however for this workshop please create one main project that you’ll work through. The workshop projects are set up in such a way that you build out a single project as you progress, so for the example activities to be the most applicable work through the project that you create in this current activity.


    • Navigate the dashboard to create a new project
    • Rename your project
    • Understand the project management features in Scratch

Activity: Create Your First Project

Follow these steps to create your first Scratch project.

      1. Click on Create in the Scratch dashboard main menu. Create a Project - Dashboard
      2. Scratch will give your project a name of “Untitled-##” by default.
        Create a Project - Project View
      3. To rename your project, just type the new name in the where it says “Untitled-##.” Go ahead and rename your project now.
      4. Scratch auto-saves very frequently. However, if you wish to save your project manually, you can do so by clicking on the File menu and clicking Save now.
      5. After saving your project, go ahead and make a copy of it as well. To do this, click on the File menu and click Save as a copy. This will create a duplicate of the project. While this isn’t important now, saving copies is a helpful tool for managing project versions and it’s a good thing to practice right now.
      6. In the top right corner under your user name there are two additional buttons: Share and See inside. Share will make your project public. Hold off on this for right now. See inside opens up the project information page where you can add instructions, notes, and credits to your project page.
      7. Click on See inside to bring up the project information window. Enter some basic things about your project.

You’ve now created your first project! We’ll be working within this file for the remainder of the workshop projects. To create a new project, just repeat this process and save it with a new name.

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